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In a Week of Twists, Congress Steps Into the Deportation Case of Amer Adi

Editor's note: This interview with Fidaa Musleh was done just before a U.S. House committee voted tonight on a special bill that, once again, changed the status of her husband's deportation case. The story has been updated to reflect the later events. A Youngstown businessman got a temporary reprieve last night, with a special action by a House subcommittee forcing the Department of Homeland Security to take another look at his deportation case. It was the latest twist in a week that...

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The city of Akron is teaming up with eBay to help its brick and mortar businesses make the move toward a digital marketplace. 

They’re passionate about their customers, they are hiring, they are exciting and full of energy. We love entrepreneurs! We’re builders, and the sense I get is that Akron is a building town, and that’s why we’re here.

Ebay’s CEO Dan Wenig told small business owners and media his reasoning for eBay’s interest in making Akron their pilot city for the “Retail Revival” initiative.

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An estimated 12,000 students must figure out where to go now that the state’s largest online charter school has closed. Marred by budget problems and alleged failure to comply with regulations, ECOT’s sponsor decided to back out.

The sponsor and the school met in a Franklin County courtroom today to figure out what happens to the school’s funds and records. 

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Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich has selected an Akron councilwoman has a running mate in his bid to be Ohio’s next governor. Tara Mosley Samples joined the ticket today and immediately promoted ideas such as a higher minimum wage and more healthcare.

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For the fifth year in a row, the number of unionized workers in Ohio remained relatively stable. That's according to a report Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But some experts disagree on what the trend means for state policy.

According to the data, about 12.5 percent of Ohio workers are unionized. That's about one in every eight workers. And that ratio hasn't really changed in the past several years.

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Ohio’s unemployment rate inched down in December. 

Ohio's unemployment rate was 4.7 percent last month, down a tenth of a point from November. That’s the lowest level since March of last year. The number of unemployed Ohioans has decreased by 14,000 in the past year from 284,000.

Algae Bloom seen from Lake Erie

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur applauds the U.S. EPA’s recent decision to withdraw acceptance of the Ohio EPA’s assessment of impaired waterways. The federal agency changed its mind because the assesssment did not account for Lake Erie’s open waters.

Columbus’ promises of big tax breaks and investments in transportation seem to have caught the attention of Amazon, which named the city one of 20 finalists for the site of its second corporate headquarters.

A photo of Sen. Joe Schiavoni speaking with members of BADASS Army, survivors of image abuse.

National stats show 1 in 25 people is threatened or harassed by the sharing of explicit images of themselves online without their consent or knowledge. And right now, it’s not illegal in Ohio to do that. But  there’s a new bill that hopes to ban so-called “revenge porn”.

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Four of the five Democratic gubernatorial candidates in this May’s primary have announced their running mates, with Connie Pillich making known her choice Thursday. 

Pillich chose Scott Schertzer, the Mayor of Marion and Ohio Municipal League President, as her potential lieutenant governor. Schertzer says he and Pillich have something in common.

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Over President Trump's first year in office, the U.S. underwent some changes that he would probably cheer. The economy continued strengthening (including, yes, the stock market, as the president likes to emphasize), and the number of people apprehended while trying to enter the country illegally fell sharply. However, some changes are less promising: The nation's carbon dioxide emissions rose, and the amount of student debt grew by $47 billion.

We have put together a wide variety of stats to show how the U.S. has changed over Trump's first year.

At Boston's Mei Mei Street Kitchen, a small crew led by Ellie Tiglao rearranges tables, turning the Chinese-American restaurant into a pop-up Filipino banquet hall. About 30 people mill about, sticking with the groups in which they came. A line forms to buy beer.

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